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Contemporary and classic Photogravure, and Early Photography

Luminous-Lint > A comprehensive resource for both photo history and photography today, organized by Alan Griffiths with the cooperation of artists, historians, dealers, publishers and others. Why 'luminous-lint'? Because it evokes photography as collective memory, something that sticks with you no matter what. Searchable by artist, theme, genre, historical period, and numerous other attributes, the site is great for casual browsing or deep research, or both. 'Luminous-Lint' also features on-line exhibitions, including one on contemporary photogravure:

Art of the Photogravure  This site presents photogravure etching from the earliest prints of William Talbot to those of contemporary practitioners. Like 'Luminous-lint', this site enables searches by artist, portfolio, period, atelier, and keyword. Gives prospective buyers of photogravures a reliable basis for surveying the medium and making choices (not a commercial site, though dealer and gallery information are available).

Pierre Brochet, Héliogravure au grain >  Well-illustrated technical explanation of photogravure in French.

Cameragravure > Information in German on photogravure: technique, process, workshops, images.

Jon Goodman Photogravure > Jon Goodman pioneered the re-discovery and practice of photogravure in the 1970s. He studied the technique at Atelier de Saint-Prex in Switzerland (with Pietro Sarto), then established his own workshop in 1984 in Florence, Massachusetts. He has printed a distinguished series of editions of classic works by iconic figures including Peter Henry Emerson, Edward Steichen, Paul Strand, and most recently Bradford Washburn. Many of the classic photogravures printed by Goodman were exhibited at the Musée Jenisch in Switzerland in 2002. The catalogue, Graver la Lumière, was published by the Fondation William Cuendet & Atelier de Saint-Prex.

Susan Middleton > Photogravure portraits of plants and animals from Crown Point Press. Video on the artist's discovery of the photogravure medium:

Honolulu Printmakers > Includes several practitioners of photogravure; active exhibit program at Academy Art Center ~ 1111 Victoria Street, Honolulu 96814 ~ Phone (808) 536-5507.

Luc Janssens > A modern master of photogravure, with exquisite photogravure portfolios on Asian themes, particularly Asian women. This site is linked to the artist's other endeavors, a medical clinic in Laos and a boutique winery in Napa, California. The Lao National Rehabilitation Center provides medical care and facilities for handicapped children in Laos, including rehabilitation for victims of land mines and unexploded ordnance and other projects. Proceeds from sale of Janssens' photogravure portfolio of Laos and of his Portfolio wine go to the Lao Foundation, a California and U.S. tax-exempt charity.

Arrigo Mamone >

Lothar Osterburg Photogravure > New York-based photogravurist, Guggenheim Fellow, works with intricately constructed models in the manner of Piranesi. Conducts photogravure workshops and classes at Bard College, Cooper Union, and his studio in Brooklyn. Excellent technical explanation of photogravure with schematic illustrations.

Renaissance Press > Photogravure workshops, collaborative printmaking, and original photogravures by Paul Taylor.

Luc Van Muylem >  

Photogravure information archive > Free downloads of valuable resources on photogravure technique, including instruction manuals by former manufacturers of resist tissue (carbon tissue) McGraw, Hanfstaengl, Autotype; detailed instructions in out-of-print books by Denison and Cartwright, guides to sensitizing and exposure. Placed by master printer Craig Zammiello.

W H Talbot and Lacock Abbey > Clear explanations of how the first photographs were made, with source material from Talbot's writings and photographs.

Talbot Museum >

Correspondence of W H Talbot Project > Talbot, who invented the negative-positive process of photography and is one of the two earliest practitioners of photogravure (the other was Nièpce), wrote tens of thousands of letters in his lifetime (1800 - 1877).

Museé Goupil >

Association pour la Photographie Ancienne et ses Techniques;>

Jaroslav Poncar > Panoramic photography of Angkor Wat and Himalayan destinations; books on Angkor, Burma, India, Himalayas, Tibet, Ladakh.

Edinburgh Photo > A thorough source of technical descriptions of early photographic processes;

Alternative Photography > Historical photographic methods in use today.

Tirage au charbon, sensibilisation > Detailed,fully illustrated guide to sensitizing the resist in photogravure prior to development and etching.


Photo Guide Japan > A comprehensive guide to photography exhibitions in Japanese museums and galleries, events, links to photographers’ and suppliers’ websites.

About Prints

World Printmakers Based in Spain, links to artists and collectors

David Bull, woodblock printmaker

Washington Print Club > 'Founded in 1964, The Washington [DC] Print Club is open to all who are interested in fine art prints and the graphic arts: collectors, connoisseurs, artists, and just plain folks who enjoy prints as an art form.'

Boston Printmakers > Boston Printmakers organizes the North American Print Biennial, members' shows, and traveling exhibitions to museums, libraries, and other institutions in the United States and Canada.

Los Angeles Printmaking Society > A cooperative group that promotes the art of printmaking and shows the work of its members at the site and elsewhere.

Charnwood Arts > Haikus inspired by photogravure etchings by Peter Miller.

Asian Arts

Japanese Gardens > A superbly designed website featuring garden design principles, history, guide to plants and materials, and locations of Japanese gardens in North America (as well as in Japan). Pictures, an events calendar, articles, plants, and gardens; searchable.

Gardens and Landscape Design Guide to landscape gardens, by country, with maps,

Ruth and Sherman Lee Institute for Japanese Art. Interview with Willard Clark about how an art collection started from a chance interest in Japanese design.


Guide to Kamakura > A comprehensive guide to Kamakura temples and shrines, by Tadahiro Kondo, based on Japanese-language sources and records. Most of the information appears for the first time in English. With maps and walking guide.

Khaju Art Space > Makiko Tanaka is a textile artist who brings contemporary panache to the ancient folk art of weaving. Her improvisations on traditional Okinawan designs can be seen at Khaju Art Space, 57-1 Nikaido, Kamakura.;  English:

Karen Riley > Printmaker and former Kamakura resident Karen Riley specializes in monoprints -- intaglio graphics transferred to paper with an etching press, with the brilliant color and texture possible with etching inks. The designs are abstract, balanced creations based on Japanese motifs.

Publications and blogs

Jacques Delacroix > Short stories, socio-political essays, and reminiscences by California philosopher and wise-guy Jacques Delacroix, who packs a lifetime of experience into pieces that you can read in a few minutes, that will stay with you for a long time afterward.

The Arts Newspaper >

Arts Journal > Independent reports on cultural trends in the visual arts, music, media, dance, movies, and other outposts of culture.

Kyoto Journal > Unique quarterly journal of Asian arts and culture based in Kyoto, Japan; essays, fiction, poetry, graphics reflecting the Japanese and Asian experience of its contributors. The theme of the 50th issue was 'transicence.'

Postmodern generator > Create your own postmodern text! Computer-generated postmodern prose, complete with footnotes, publication-ready:

Software & Related

World Electric Power Guide > World traveler Steve Kropla's site on how to make sure your appliances will work with the various electrical outlets and voltages, and telecom connections around the world.

David Malin’s Homepage > David Malin developed a method of astronomical imaging that vastly improved the resolution of photographs of outer space. This became the basis for the ‘unsharp mask’ used in Adobe Photoshop and other graphics programs.

Suppliers of Art Materials, Equipment, and Services

Etching papers: Joop Stoop > Supplier of etching papers, other art papers, inks, and printmaking materials.

Victoria Paper Hand-made papers from Japan, Nepal, Bhutan, Southeast Asia, and others, plus stories of the paper-makers, based on Aimée Kligman's travels.

Paperki is the name of a series of hand-made papers for printmaking by Kikis and Jose Alejandre in Hondarribia, Spain. I first learned about their papers from a visit to World Printmakers in Granada. Then I ordered some and used the paper for Fjord and Awash. They make a variety of papers, which can be designed to your specifications of size, cotton content, surface characteristics, tone, and so forth. Superb quality at reasonable prices. 

Conservation Resources (UK), Unit 1, Pony Road, Horspath Industrial Estate, Cowley, Oxfordshire OX4 2RD, Tel +44865-747-755, Fax +44865-747-035; US office > Conservation Resources International, 8000-H Forbes Place, Springfield, Virginia 2151 USA, Tel 1-703-321-7730, Fax 1-703-321-0629. Catalogue has an informative account of the chemistry of good conservation practice as it applies to works on paper.

Talas, 568 Broadway, New York, New York 10012-9989, Tel 1-212-219-0770, Fax 1-212-219-0735. Makes custom sizes of archival storage boxes.

VCA non-toxic ink cleanup compound: Halterrmann Chemical, Haltermann GmbH Schopenstehl 15 Hamburg D-20095 Tel Int + 49-40-333-180, Germany. I have found Estisol 242 to be effective in cleaning etching ink from copperplates, brayers, and inkstones, without giving off harmful gases or volatile fumes. Haltermann says these 'fatty acid esters' (they should find another name for them) 'are used as alternatives to aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons when re-formulating chemical products. Estisol esters reduce or eliminate VOC's, reduce toxicity by replacing aromatics and improve environmental properties by being readily biodegradable when released to the environment'. Anyway, they work better than mineral oils, turpentine, and other traditional harmful ink cleanup products. In the U.S.: 1201 Sheldon Road, P.O. Box 429, Channelview, Texas 77530-0429 (tel 1-281-457-2768, fax 1-281-457-1469, email

VCA non-toxic ink cleanup compound: Flint Ink Corporation, 245 East Marie Avenue, West St Paul, Minnesota 55118, USA, tel. (612) 455 1261.

Richmond Graphic > Ultra-violet light sources and vacuum frames: Richmond Graphic Products, 20 Industrial Drive, Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917, USA

American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works > Site where conservator may be searched by specialty and region of the United States.

Travel Japan

My personal recommendations:

Hutte Heidi > Charming pension-style lodge in the Zao-Bodaira ski area of Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, with home cooking, telemark instruction, transportation to nearby ski areas. Tel 023-679-2042, 050-3537-4248; fax 023-679-2068; Zao Bodaira Kaminoyama-City, Yamagata; site in Japanese, with pictures. 山形県上山市永野蔵王坊平高原〒999-3114;

Ishinoyu Lodge > Ski lodge in pristine quiet setting near Shiga Kogen, with natural home-made cuisine, telemark classes and ski-touring, snowshoeing, transportation to nearby ski areas. 石の湯ロッジ, 〒381-0401 長野県下高井郡山ノ内町平穏7148志賀高原, tel 0269-34-2421; fax 0269-34-2427, lodge[at];

General guides:

Outdoor Japan: comprehensive guide to the great Japanese outdoors  >   Hiking, onsen (spas), cycling, rafting, surfing, scuba diving, rock climbing, with articles on activities, places, resorts.

Snow Japan > Ski resorts in Japan, with hotel info, town guides, current updates on snow conditions, and visitors' reports.

Sound Library > The sounds of walking on ice in Hokkaido, the cry of an owl, the Aomori-Hakodate ferry, cranes mating and whooping it up, and a plaintive foghorn.

Travel, rest of world

UNESCO World Heritage Sites > Cultural, historical, and architectural sites of international importance.

Karen Brown's Guides > Listings and descriptions of charming country inns, B&Bs, itineraries all over the world.

Centers for Disease Control health warnings > Good to know what bugs await at each destination.

State Department travel warnings > Wars, insurrections, terrorism, political instability, and other things that could ruin a trip if one is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tends to be overly general in identifying locations of trouble, but useful for estimating likely travel delays due to restrictions and security measures.  Compare with

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Original photogravure etchings seen at this site are available by clicking the order button on any full-screen image page, or from these fine print dealers:

Baltimore: Conrad R Graeber Fine Art, Box 264, Riderwood, Md, U.S.A., tel +1-410-377-6713
San Francisco: Japonesque, 824 Montgomery Street, SF, Ca, U.S.A., tel +1-415 391-8860
Netherlands: Eric van den Ing, Saru Gallery, tel: +31(0)6-2246-4074.
Moscow: Lumiere Brothers Center, 119072, Red October, Bolotnaya emb 3 b. 1, Moscow, Russia, 119072), tel +7-968-451-4019
Vladivostok: Arka Gallery, 5 Svetlanskaya St, Vladivostok, Russia, tel +7-4232-410-526

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