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Kamakura restaurant map

Kamakura Restaurant Guide

Name Address in Kamakura Cuisine Telephone
Kaikotei Sakanoshita 3-7 Soba, Tempura 0467-25-4494
Hisagiri Sakanoshita 3-2 Udon 0467-23-0941
Ayatei Ogigayatsu 1-4-16 Kaiseki 0467-24-6677
Kusunoki Komachi 2-6-5 Various 0467-23-5570
Hifumi Yuigahama 2-9-62 Light Kaiseki 0467-22-8685
Momozono Omachi 1-3-10 Udon 0467-22-1922
Hisago Komachi 3-8-7 Kaiseki 0467-24-1882
Sakai Jomyoji 2-1-31 Somen 0467-24-7759
Wasabi Jomyoji Sushi 0467-25-2767
Rinrin Nikaido 725-4 Chinese 0467-23-8535
Ishigamo Garden Terrace Jomyoji 3-8-50 Continental (lunch only) 0467-22-8851
Aoto ・ 青砥 Jomyoji 5-1-24 Ryotei 0467-24-9001
Kokonotsuido Ofuna Soba, shabu shabu 045-851-6121
Marudai Enoshima Enoshima 1-4-19 Seafood 0466-26-4701

Reservations recommended.

Gifts. A little beyond Hachimangu is Khaju Art Space (57-1 Nikaido, 0467-23-3663), the studio of textile artist Makiko Tanaka and related artists.Khaju Art Space Set in a traditional Japanese dwelling, Khaju is a beehive of activity, with workshops, classes, performance events, and exhibits. It's a great place to find reasonably-priced hand-made gifts by local artists, including scarves, clothing, pottery, and many other things.

On Komachi-dori two shops worth visiting are Shato ( tel 22-2601) for all varieties of Japanese paper (washi), and Yamago for bamboo products. 'Fine Bamboo', at Yuigahama 2-9-60, has exactly that. Chikara-Mochi (Sakanoshita 18-18, tel 22-0513, in a classic old wooden shop building) has various desserts. Especially good is the shop's namesake dessert, chikara-mochi, a pun with the double meaning of 'giving strength' and the name of the sweet paste from which it is made.

Meri Hari, a shop at Yukinoshita 3-1-27 (tel 0467-24-0884) near Hachimangu, takes its name from a Japanese expression meaning to give an accent to one's life by doing something different. Befitting its name, Chiyoko Mizuno's shop has ceramics, graphics, olive oil, baskets, handbags, lacquer ware, furniture, all individually selected from her travels around Japan and overseas.

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