The Kamakura Print Collection ・ 鎌倉プリント・コレクションへようこそ
Photogravure etchings by Peter Miller・ フォトグラビュール (銅版画技法)・日本語

From Tokyo to Kamakura by JR Yokosuka Line

Directions from Tokyo to Kamakura by Japan Railways Yokosuka Line: Tokyo Station > Take the escalator underground to Track 1. Shimbashi Station > Steps and escalator underground. Shinagawa Station > Track 14. All trains, whether bound for Zushi, Yokosuka, or Kurihama, stop at Kamakura.

Travel time to Kamakura
From Tokyo Station: 1 hour
From Shimbashi Station: 55 minutes
From Shinagawa Station: 45 minutes


東京駅 ~ 鎌倉駅:一時間

新橋駅 ~ 鎌倉駅:55分

品川駅 ~ 鎌倉駅:45分


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