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Tom Veblen's The Way of Business brings into focus the rise of competing business cultures in Brazil, Russia, India, and China, and what they portend for the American way of business. The book features the photogravure etching Wave-Embraced on its cover, and several others from the Seascapes Series inside. Order the book by clicking the link below, or from the Superior Business Firm Roundtable at 2806 36th Place, NW, Washington DC 20007-1417, U.S.A., tel 1-202-965-2967.

The Way of Business, by Tom Veblen

Discover The Higher Purpose of Your Business Endeavor Way of Business

This surprising little book will change forever the way you think about American business. Simply and artfully, it lays bare the essentials of success in business -- the principles that underlie its art, the cultural values that enrich it, the unique features of business technique and operations, the character and aspirations of its superior practitioners, and the 'grand scheme' that informs business strategy. But The Way of Business doesn't end there. It sets American business in the global context, explaining that business is an essential element in modernizing and that wealth creation and its management are paramount in any effort to advance human well-being -- whether individually or collectively -- whether locally, nationally, or globally. That, of course, is what business is all about. And so, American business practitioners are being called to apply their best thinking to the problem of globalization, just as they have been in helping solve the problems that attended development of the United States -- with simply astounding results. You owe it to yourself to discover in The Way of Business the true meaning of business and the things that really matter for success in business -- and life.

141 pages. Softbound; $22.00 postage paid U.S.; $29.00 postage paid all other destinations.
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About the Superior Business Firm Roundtable and Tom Veblen

A Dialectic on the Meaning of Business and Superiority

Starting in 1993, a dozen accomplished, intellectually-curious business practitioners came together to exchange views on the meaning of business and business superiority. Intent on broadening their horizons they founded The Superior Business Firm Roundtable and set out to learn from each other:

When there is much desire to learn, there of necessity will be much arguing, much writing, much opinions; for opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making.
-- Milton

Their extended inquiry into excellence in business led them to heightened awareness that:
The meanings of business and business superiority are culturally determined.
The fundamental purpose of business is to create and manage wealth.
Business, a vocational art, favors the most industrious, enterprising, and conjectural of its practitioners.
In the United States, ideas of human progress and private enterprise are inextricably intertwined.
A public knowledgeable about excellence in business is the surest way to assure that the American business practitioner attains his or her full potential.

The Roundtable's progress is periodically summarized by its Convener in a book appropriately titled The Way of Business

The Way of Business; An Inquiry into Meaning and Superiority

Tom C. Veblen

Addressing right practice, Veblen writes:

Growth, conservation, and creativity are the fundamental measures of the business practitioner's accomplishments; discovery, strategy, and administration the means by which the practitioner achieves them. Following “the way of business,” the superior practitioner and firm harmonize right means and ends to create and manage the wealth essential to human well-being: comprehending the grand scheme of things; mastering the art of business; creating a winning business scheme; making things work right to perfect the endeavor; pressing on to rediscovery and renewal. “Doing business” — learning by doing — the business practitioner sooner or later becomes enlightened on whether he or she has what it takes to create or not... grow or not... conserve or not... get better or not.

The American idea for business practitioners is abundantly clear: become better, do better, be better.

But The Way of Business doesn't end there. Setting American business in its global context, the book explains how the business firm operates as an essential element in the efforts being made by enlightened leaders to advance human well-being — whether locally, nationally, or globally.

Summarizing the things that really matter in business, Veblen writes:

Wisdom is, admittedly, a rare state of being. So rare in fact, that for the vast majority of men and women it can only be an ideal. We look therefore to the wise among us for counsel on how best to proceed. And the first thing the wise tell us is that, when striving for the better, attend to the things that really matter. Such as... Endeavor... Knowledge... Direction... Self-Governance... Harmony...

The remarkable business practitioner Benjamin Franklin, rightly referred to by historians as “the first American,” said that individual initiative is the way to health, wealth, and wisdom. But he also said, “As Americans we must all hang together, or surely we will hang alone,” which was his way of saying that individual endeavor matters, collaboration matters, and culture — the American Way — matters a lot.

Wealth creation and its management are paramount virtues in any effort to advance human well-being whether individually or collectively; whether locally, nationally, or globally. That being so, consider the social gain to be made through the creation of more superior business practitioners and firms.

The substantive engagement of superior business practitioners is necessary to realize this worthy aspiration. Thus the question arises... How to fully engage the business practitioners who know what really matters in realizing a global business civilization?

Discover in The Way of Business the true meaning of business and the things that really matter for success in business — and life. Accept The Way's challenge to discover the higher purpose of your own endeavors — in business and in life.

141 pages. Softbound. $22.00 postage paid U.S./$29.00 postage paid all other destinations

To order The Way of Business send check or money order to: The Superior Business Firm Roundtable, 2806 36th Place NW, Washington, DC 20007-1417, (202) 965-2967, or click the order button above.

About Tom Veblen

Tom Veblen is Convener of The Superior Business Firm Roundtable, a deliberative forum for business practitioners concerned with advancing excellence in American business endeavor.

Tom grew up in a tight-knit Scandinavian-American farming community out on Minnesota's northern prairie, learning early the bedrock values of both business and community. Informed by this exposure, and by his long and productive business career, he writes:

"The Roundtable's deliberations make it clear that business is most constructively thought about as a human endeavor that creates and manages wealth to advance well-being. That being so, it is incumbent on the business practitioner to endow his or her works-in-progress with the principles underlying business superiority, all the while working diligently to perfect the art.

The American ideal for business practitioners is to press on, whatever the circumstance — striving to become better... be better... do better...

Attuned to the culturally and technically right way of business, the superior practitioner and firm create and manage the wealth essential to human well-being.”

Tom's business experience notably encompasses both corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors: co-founding and chairing Enterprise Consulting and Development, Inc. (a Minnesota firm dedicated to inner-city real estate rehabilitation); creating and building Food System Associates, Inc. (in its time a nationally prominent business strategy consulting firm); heading Stanford Research Institute's Food and Agricultural Industries Department; heading commodity processing businesses as a merchant/trader with Cargill, Incorporated (a highly successful global agribusiness firm).

Tom's business career has been greatly influenced by his other life experiences: the rigors of family raising; extensive and varied civic and church engagements; business travel throughout North and South America, Asia, and Europe; service as a Presidential White House Fellow, the Chair of Freedom From Hunger, a Board member of Pax World Service and the American Near East Refugee Aid and other Foundations, and in committee assignments as a member of the Cosmos Club, the Council of Foreign Relations, and other social and eleemosynary institutions. Tom and his wife reside in Washington, DC, having relocated there from California in 1980.


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