The Kamakura Print Collection ・ 鎌倉プリント・コレクションへようこそ
Photogravure etchings by Peter Miller・ フォトグラビュール (銅版画技法)・日本語

Kamakura map of place names linked to photogravure etchings ~ click name to see print


Kamakura map ・ 鎌倉地図

Two fine guidebooks on Kamakura:

Exploring Kamakura,by Michael Cooper (Weatherhill), a delightful and informative ramble through each district of Kamakura, with eight centuries of history, culture, and legend artfully woven into easy walking tours. In Kamakura, unlike Tokyo, signs of the city's tumultuous history are visible everywhere, and Michael Cooper makes them come alive.
Trails of Two Cities, by John Carroll (Kodansha), covers more territory (Yokohama is the second city) and the Miura Peninsula as well as Kamakura, with detailed information on hiking and walking routes throughout, and shops and restaurants.

Suggested walking routes

Route 1 (full day): from Kita-Kamakura Station to Hokokuji (return to Kamakura Station via bus or taxi):

Engakuji          >     Meigetsuin           >      Kenchoji                >      Hachimangu             >       Hokokuji                 

Restaurant:  Sakai  ・ 左可井, 0467-24-7759, Jomyoji 2-1-31, 浄明寺 2-1-31


Route 2 (half-day with early start): from Enoden Hase Station to Enoshima (return to Kamakura or Fujisawa Station via Enoden Enoshima Station):

Great Buddha          >      Kosokuji           >      Hasedera      >      Ryukoji           Enoshima     


Route 3 (half day): Sugimoto-dera to Asahina (return to Kamakura Station via bus or taxi)

Sugimoto-dera           >      Jomyoji           >      Hokokuji           >      Godaido           >     Asahina Keikoku     

Restaurant:  Minemoto (Juniso), tel 0467-24-5544

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Meigetsuin Jomyoji Kamakura Daibutsu Hokokuji Komyoji Zaimokuza ・ 材木座 Ryukoji ・ 竜口寺 Bramble Kenchoji Zuisenji Bamboo Story ・ 竹取物語 Stones of Koshigoe Isle of the Gods ・ 神様の江ノ島