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Photogravure etchings by Peter Miller・ フォトグラビュール (銅版画技法)・日本語

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To select a short-list of prints of interest quickly, search Xpress by mood -- Dynamic, Reflective, Mysterious, Sensual, Spontaneous, Expansive, Elegiac, Intimate, Luminous. Or by texture: Rough, soft, flowing, granular, linear, rhythmic. Also by ink, paper, image size, place, Series, and price. (Please scroll down the xpress Home Page to find the search terms.) Discover the big pleasure in small prints, see all the prints from northern Europe, for example.

The Seascapes Series plunges into the turbulence of waves, flows with currents, picks up the traces left by wind and life forms on sand patterns, and reflects the depths of lakes.

The Pathways Series invites the eye to traverse wide expanses, sinuous trails, mysterious and dangerous destinations. Northern latitudes around the world share a rugged simplicity of character in the North Country prints, glaciers, despite becoming an endangered species as the snows of yesteryear melt away, keep all of their grandeur. The Brambles, another set of Pathways, outline vortices, networks, nerve pathways, and other forms of interconnectedness. Prints venturing 'Beyond' extend the journey of the eye into unexplored terrirtory.

In Dreamscapes, images of dreams, ecstasies, transcendent experiences that reveal themselves for only a brief moment appear. Visions of other times and places than our own occur in memory, that curious sense of dé ja-vu that insists we've 'been there before', and in the reflections that bring the past into unexpected confluence with the present. In fantasy we express impossible and yet inspiring desires, themes that occur time and again in art and life. One of them is the pastoral fantasy, that vision of bucolic country life that enchants apartment-dweller and suburbanite alike. Japan's version of the pastoral fantasy is its cherry blossoms, a fleeting springtime idyll but its temples and gardens and country towns (furusato) display their rural virtues year-round. Fantasy of another variety arises from mystery, which can provide a refuge from our overly rationalistic world. We cannot explain everything, and on occasion it is more satisfying to appreciate the moment in some other way. Children know this and often are completely absorbed in wonderment and play -- to which another subset of Dreamscapes is dedicated.

The Temples Series shows the temples, shrines, and gardens of Kamakura. Japanese hometowns and country byways are shown in the Furusato Series. The Mongolia Series gathers images of the Gobi Desert and the Altai Mountains. The Acts & Scenes Series looks at little dramas and momentary encounters of everyday life.

Small prints are easy to buy and display anyplace, without the bother of framing -- see Collecting.

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Explore a Series  to  create natural ensembles. The Series pages show print and paper dimensions, to make sure frames fit the space you have in mind. The Seascapes Series  includes Waves, Currents, Traces, and Lakes. Clicking any image in the Series leads to a full-screen view, where the order button is at lower right. New works here here. These photogravure etchings may be purchased on-line by clicking the order button below the image on any full-screen page.

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About the artist. An irreverent summary.

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Photogravure etching and other printmaking techniques: Photogravure etchings are also called gravure prints, copperplate engravings, aquatint dust-grain gravures, or hé liogravures. 'Polymer gravure' refers to plates with a polymer resist as the printing surface despite the name, there is no gravure, etching, or engraving. 'Photo-etching' is a half-tone process similar to commercial printing the dots are visible and the tonal range is limited by the lack of a resist that would allow for variable-depth etching. 'Photo-lithography' is a term used in the semiconductor industry to describe the patterning of semiconductor wafer resists and printed circuit boards prior to etching. 'Rotogravure', despite the similar-sounding name and the Easter-song fame, is an essentially different process, formerly used for Sunday supplements as a fast production process, its depth and tonal range were limited by the rotary (as opposed to flat) plate and by the thinner inks used. Photogravure is one of many 19th-century photographic processes, which include platinum, palladium, carbon, cyanotype, and others. See 'Photogravure Etching in the Intaglio Tradition' to learn more about how photogravure is related to the origins of engraving and etching.

This Kamakura Print Collection site first appeared on the World Wide Web in August 1997. Starting with photogravure etchings from Kamakura, Japan, it has since grown to include images from other parts of Japan, Asia, and Europe. The site also provides practical how-to information for people seeking to purchase photogravure etchings, or make their own.

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Photogravure etchings are available from The Kamakura Print Collection and from these galleries:

Baltimore: Conrad R Graeber Fine Art, Box 264, Riderwood, Md, U.S.A., tel +1-410-377-6713
San Francisco: Japonesque, 824 Montgomery Street, SF, Ca, U.S.A., tel +1-415 391-8860
Netherlands: Eric van den Ing, Saru Gallery, tel: +31(0)6-2246-4074.
Moscow: Lumiere Brothers Center, 119072, Red October, Bolotnaya emb 3 b. 1, Moscow, Russia, 119072), tel +7-968-451-4019
Vladivostok: Arka Gallery, 5 Svetlanskaya St, Vladivostok, Russia, tel +7-4232-410-526

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