The Kamakura Print Collection, Photogravure Etchings by Peter Miller

鎌倉プリント・コレクションへようこそ ・ フォトグラビュール 銅版画、ミラー・ピーター (Peter Miller)

Licensing Images From The Kamakura Print Collection

Licensing is easy. Just let me know at Contact which images you are interested in using, and for what. Searching at Xpress for images by mood, texture, ink, place, or other qualities will help refine your selections quickly. Examples of commercial uses include (but are not limited to):

Commercial use is any use intended to promote sales or promotion of a product or service. Free publications that promote commercial products or services are considered commercial usage. Fund-raising usage also requires advance written permission. Please tell me how you want to use the picture and what you would like to pay, and chances are something of mutual benefit can be arranged.

Images or text may be downloaded free for personal use. Personal use means enjoyment of the images and text without commercial distribution. For non-profit organizations receiving no revenue from use of the images, there is no charge, subject to these three conditions:

  1. Attribution to Peter Miller, The Kamakura Print Collection ( is prominently printed or displayed in the publication or other medium where the material appears.
  2. Advance notification to me at Contact is made indicating the proposed usage.
  3. A copy of the publication or electronic file with the image as used is sent to me.

Licensed images may be provided by means of publication-quality high-resolution files sent as e-mail attachments. Reproduction or redistribution of any copyrighted images in print, electronic, or other media, including (by way of example) any image adjustments, alterations, or partial usages, is strictly prohibited by law.

Original photogravure etchings may be purchased by clicking the order button on any full-screen page. Purchasing an original print does not, however, confer a license to reproduce it.

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