The Kamakura Print Collection, Photogravure Etchings by Peter Miller

鎌倉プリント・コレクションへようこそ  ・ フォトグラビュール 銅版画、ミラー・ピーター (Peter Miller)


Broth of Life
Morning Glory


River of Light




Third Ascent




Reach For the Sky


Winged Fuji










Beyond the Pale Glow













Monte Penna

Etched in memory.    From deeply etched copperplates, ink permeates the fibers of hand-made papers and Japanese washi to create an incomparable variety of tone and texture: shimmering luminous highlights, deep multi-hued shadows within shadows, and the most subtle gradations of light and shadow. Photogravure etching connects the spontaneity of chance observation with memories of our past and intimations of our future. Printed by hand with many kinds of etching inks and papers, linking sight and touch, they offer a glimpse of the higher reality permeating our everyday lives. Let every day of 2014 add to your pleasure in owning, treasuring, and viewing original contemporary photogravure etchings.

Broth of Life

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In Moscow, Russia, many of the prints shown here may be purchased at the Lumiere Brothers Center, Red October, Bolotnaya emb 3 b. 1, Moscow 119072, Tel +7-968-451-4019; scenes from the Lumiere exhibit; Future exhibit: April 18 - June 7, 2014 at Janina Monkute-Marks museum, J.Basanaviciaus 45, LT-57182 Kedainiai, Lithuania (tel. +370 347 57398, with Hisako Kobayashi and Roman Kames three artists from three continents present different aspects of the Asian experience.

The Verne Gallery, specializing in works by Japanese and Japan-influenced printmakers, joins other print dealers representing the photogravure etchings of The Kamakura Print Collection. Michael Verne, President, has a long and distinguished background in bringing the art of Japan to clients worldwide. Located at 2207 Murray Hill Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44106 Tel +1-216-231-8866, the Verne Gallery, a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA), appears at all the major print fairs.

Conrad R Graeber, also a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA), represents European, British, American, and Japanese printmakers, ranging across several centuries including contemporary. The photogravure etchings from The Kamakura Print Collection that he represents may be seen at He may be contacted at Conrad R Graeber Fine Art, Box 264, Riderwood, Maryland 21139, Tel +1-410-377-6713.

Dappled Things, published in 2013, pairs the poetry of Robin Chapman with the photogravures of Peter Miller. There are 23 of each, in a lavishly printed portfolio-book designed by Roman Kames in Paris, and printed on 200-gram Tintoretto paper by Imprimerie Daniel in Prague. The book explores new realms of correspondence between graphic and poetic imagination. The Hopkins-like soundscape of Robin Chapman's keenly observed poetry of her Wisconsin surroundings resonates superbly with Peter Miller's landscapes of Japan and Asia. April 2014 update: A review of the book by Estella Lauter: 'Robin calls the book a five-way collaboration -- or conversation -- among Hopkins, Peter, Roman Kames (the artist-publisher of Revue K Press), the reader and herself. I call it a beautiful book with great potential to awaken creative energy in its readers. Praise them.'

The portfolio book Clairvoyant, published by Revue K in connection with the 2012 exhibition of photogravure etchings by Peter Miller in France, includes 14 beautifully printed images from the exhibition. Designed by the distinguished artist and publisher Roman Kames in Paris, and printed in Prague on 200-gram Tintoretto paper, Clairvoyant has an Introduction by Jean-Yves Couteau and an essay by art philosopher Marie-Parra Aledo.

Explore the Muso Soseki garden with the Head Priest of Zuisenji, watch a zazen session at Engakuji, and walk the ancient roads linking the Kamakura Shogunate with other parts of 13th-century Japan, in video excerpts from programs broadcast on Asahi-TV and NHK (in Japanese, 日本語). On 'Journeys in Japan', get immersed in the sand hot springs of Ibusuki, marvel at the volcanic steam vents in Unagi Onsen, and see how katsuobushi (dried fish flakes) are made (in Japanese, with English subtitles).

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Views. Recent entries: Clairvoyant, Renewal, Authenticity, Titles, Apocalyptic Visions Three Peaks of the Phoenix ・ 鳳凰三山 Matching Artwork to Clients Museum Without Walls / Musé e Imaginaire Year of the Rabbit Pisa and the Charm of the Unexpected Another Venice? St Francis and Piero della Francesca In Praise of Shadows Three Famous Views of Japan

New prints (2014 & 2013)Here and There ・ 移り行く, Network-2, For the Time Being, Island Rising, Network-1, (never-before-seen views of fishnets), Sight-lines (Hokkaido kelp), Land-lines, Tidings, Sandwaves-2, Interlude, Leaf-whispers, Broth of Life ・ 昆布の生活Lifelines Bramble-8  ・  茂み8 (the first addition to the Brambles Series since 2008 -- they grow on you) Reach For the Sky, Second Spring, Winged Fuji   Monte Penna, Cote Sauvage, Third Ascent, Stroke of Dawn ・ 野沢温泉, Secret Sympathies ・ 石の湯, Beyond the Pale Glow



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Videos:   Accidental Discoveries and Unexpected Pleasures: the art and craft of photogravure etching.   偶然な世界、日本語のバージョン (Japanese version)  

ビデオ 'My Japanese Life' NHK 放送、 ピーター・ミラー

鎌倉テレビの番組 (日本語) Kamakura-TV interview and workshop visit.

Video from a return visit to Nara: Visiting Nara and Yoshino Again for the First Time

'Scenes from a Vernissage', the April 2010 exhibit at the Manoir de la Tour, Saint Cyr-sur-Loire (near Tours), France, narrated by Mireille Turquois with thanks to the Dé partement de L'Indre-et-Loire, Ville de Saint Cyr-sur-Loire, Association Touraine-Mongolie. Vladivostok-TV interviews Artetage Modern Art Museum Director Alex Gorodny and me during the Sept 2008 Seascapes exhibit there (in Russian).

Kamakura fireworks (July 2010) video.

In Inklings, learn how photogravure etching emerged from the 600-year intaglio tradition and how it influenced the other graphic arts. The story involves developments in optics, light-sensitive materials, and etching coalescing during the 19th-century Age of Exploration, giving rise to a new medium expressing the aspirations of its time and ours. To order any of the contemporary photogravure etchings at this site, click the Order button on any full-screen page, or visit the Purchasing page. You can also use the Japanese order form ・ 作品の購入 in any language.  For advice and information, just send an email or use the inquiry form  ・ お問い合わせ. Your inquiry is always welcome.

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